Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday, Not so Super

With few games on the docket for B. Anthony tonight, let me respond to Money.

I agree that UCLA and Kansas appear to be complete teams. The timing of naming them teams that will win it all seems odd since they both lost this week. The Truth is that they are both very good teams, and these losses will likely help them to take the next step to become great teams and possibly win it all. However, the deeper truth is that great teams can, do, and will lose when you least expect it. This will lead us to an outstanding tournament with the possibility of an upset lurking around every corner, no matter what the presumed spread!

How is it that these seemingly complete teams, keep losing? They are not hungry enough, and they have come to realize that they can work on things during the season to improve and become championship ready. UCLA is not yet deep enough to win it all, but if Howland will use his bench and get healthy, they will be by tournament time. Kansas is deep enough, and so is Memphis.

I know Money would tell you that Memphis can't win it all, free-throws etc... ya ya ya. It has been 17-18 years since a team went to the finals undefeated. (UNLV 90-91) Before that it was 15 year to the 1976 Indiana perfect season. If Memphis beats Tennessee on Saturday, we are looking at history with this team. Yes, they are bad from the line, and they often are worse from the 3-point line. But they can score 10 points in the press, faster than Money can lose 10 bucks at the roulette table! I will probably buck my trend and pick against Memphis this week in their warm up game vs Houston before Tennessee comes to town, but they will be ready for their battle on Saturday!

On to the few winners today!

Michigan State +1 vs Purdue. I like the young Purdue team, but this experienced MSU squad will teach the kids a lesson tonight.

Louisville -7.5 vs Depaul. Play the team that is rolling! They have a lot of confidence and may be up 10 by halftime!

Miami Oh +4.5 vs Western Michigan. Take the points in this close battle. Miami has solid post play and fundamentals to keep them in this game.

Good Gaming,
B. Anthony
127-99-3 ytd

Oh, By the way. I don't like the Stanford Twinkies, I don't really like their coach, I hate their point guard and I can't really think of anything nice to say about them except they will keep winning and covering for the most part. I won't pick them as a final four team, but they will likely be in a close battle in the sweet sixteen gaming trying to make it back to the final eight. that is a pretty good season!


Blogger Money said...

Good post B.

UCLA is gaining depth now due to their injuries. They have played 24 games thus far and have not have a full team yet. They will get healthy and then they will have depth.

These losses by UCLA and KU and not good from a timing perspective of my post, but this will only help them get better.

Depaul will be winning at half! Let down by my Cardinals.

3:48 PM  
Anonymous doubledown said...

nice call on louisville. what happened to mich state? they shouldnt lose that game.

8:09 PM  

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