Friday, April 20, 2007

Spreads are just too Big!

This is the playoffs!!! Everyone, and apparently Vegas, seems to forget that teams get exited, nervous, and play defense harder for these games. Several lines are opening too high, while others are simply mismatches for the home team. Let's take advantage of some of these oversights.

Bet with your heart for starters. Warriors at +10 have nothing to lose and will make several 3's that keep them in this game. This streak is just too good for them to get blown out in their first appearance in lucky 13 years. Boom-Dizzle and the points! Warriors

Cleveland -11 vs Wizards. This Wizard team would never have qualified for the playoffs. They should put an injury clause in the playoffs. Mismatch, blowout! Wizards might compete at home, not in the burning river!!!!!!!!

Chicago -4 vs Heat. The Heat will play at home and when they really need to. Game 1 is just not yet the time! Take Gordon to the bank. He will get 30, and Deng will help!

Orlando +8.5 vs Detroit. Dwight Howard is huge and focused. He will keep them in the game, and the Pistons are just too smug and cocky to win by double digits. Howard will go for 28 points and 18 rebounds. 96-92, Pistons. Take the points!

Have Fun,

B. Anthony

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

NBA Playoffs!

We have finally arrived to the NBA season. I know 81 games of the 82 game season have been played, but this is the only part of the season that is watchable! The Truth will provide you with playoff predictions. B. Anthony has been touting the Houston Rockets since before the season began. They had an over under of 38 games, and 50 wins was predicted and achieved! See the upcoming series results below, weeks before they actually materialize.

Western Conference is all that is needed, but I will give brief Eastern Breakdown at the end.

#1 Mavericks vs #8 Warriors. An awesome series to watch as the Warriors battle and show some terrific offensive spurts. This is a great home team that will give the Mavericks a lot more than they hoped for. This 6 game series will tire them out, and keep them from winning the Western conference despite their great year. I am expecting some type of ankle sprain to Dirk or Josh Howard to really be a problem. Mavericks Advance 4-2, but very fun for Warriors Fans.

#2 Phoenix vs #7 Lakers. A lot of Kobe frustration, as the Suns roll 4-1. I don't want to give this much time, but the Laker fans will be calling for a new post man and a point guard to match up with Nash. This won't be very close.

# 3 San Antonio vs #6 Denver. Carmelo and Iverson will make some great highlights and will win 2 games at home. They can't defend well enough to beat this San Antonio Team that is again peaking for Playoff basketball. 4-2 Spurs.

#4 Utah vs #5 Houston. Houston with the lower seed, will have the home court advantage because of the 50+ wins. McGrady is playing great and Yao is huge. Rockets will win this with less trouble than expected. 4-2 Rockets.

Second Round:

#1 Dallas vs # 5 Houston. In a battle of Texas, the Rockets big 2 will pull this off. Shane Battier, will play great defense on an ailing Dirk, and he will make some timely 3 pointers. Rockets 4-3 in a great 7 game series.

# 2 Phoenix vs #3 San Antonio. This is the difference between regular season and playoffs. The Suns will only get the offense going in 2 games of this series, and they cannot win games when they score under 105 points. 4-2 San Antonio.

Conference Finals:

#3 Spurs vs #5 Rockets. Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli are the difference makers. Good run for Rockets ends here with Bowen draped all over McGrady. 4-2 Spurs.

East. (Updated 4-19 as seeding changed yesterday)

#1 Detroit vs #8 Orlando. Experience wins. Detroit 4-1 vs Orlando

#2 Cleavland vs #7 Wizards. Lebron adds to his legacy against a depleted Wizards squad. Sweep. 4-0.

#3 Raptors vs #6 Nets. This will be a great series, Jason Kidd will lock in his hall of fame status, triple doubles galore. Nets 4-3. Chris Bosh will have a great showing.

#4 Heat vs #5 Bulls. Shaq is too big and David Stern wants him in the playoffs. Look for conspiracy theory. 4-3 Heat.

Second Round:

Detroit over the Heat as Shaq tires, and Wade is really not 100%. 4-2 Pistons.

Cleveland over Nets. It was fun while it lasted, but Vince takes too many bad shots, and Lebron goes to the hole repeatedly. 4-2

Detroit and Cleveland in battle of the worst city in the US. Detroit advances on experience and savvy alone. Lebron doesn't have enough help. See Jordan experiences in the late 80's! 4-2

Spurs win Nba Championship finals 4-2 vs Detroit.

Duncan MVP of Series!