Friday, November 09, 2007

College Gameday from Berkeley!

This is such a depressing game, yet I will still be in attendance. At one point, there was talk that the winner of this game would go to the national championship game and the loser to the Rose Bowl. Combined these teams now have 5 losses. Things have gotten so bad that ESPN College Gameday has decided to go to Division III schools for coverage of the Amherst/Williams game. Not kidding.

I expect USC to come into town and show the Bears how superior their athletes are. Pete Carroll is the kind of coach that will rip your heart out and punch you in the face at the same time. That is the type of coach I dream about for Cal. We get Tedford. A nice balding coach who turned around a pathetic program and gave us a consistent top 25 program. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

When you look at Cal players and compare them to USC, the Bears are not that far off. USC just has more of them. 5 years from now, we will be watching NFL games with tons of Cal players from this year and last year’s team running around making huge impacts in the game. Cal has great players and nothing to show for it, except a crappy Holiday Bowl game last year and an Emerald Bowl (fingers crossed) game in SF. Pathetic.

I blame Longshore, who sucks, and Tedford who doesn’t recognize that and is pissing away the best talent he will ever have at Cal. USC will likely win this game (with ease), but since I have completely written off the Bears this year, they probably pull off a meaningless upset. Thanks for nothing.

College games:
UCONN +6 @ Cincinnati
Nobody respects this spunky little football team except Money. They don’t turn the ball over.

ILLINOIS +17 @ Ohio state
Unfortunately, it does not look like OSU will lose this year. They are not worthy of the #1 BCS seed, but they will get it. I am really impressed with their strong list of victories; Youngstown state, Akron, Washington, Northwestern, Minnesota, Kent state. WOW!

MISS STATE +5 vs. Alabama
Huge hangover effect for Saban’s (pig) team this week. Take the MONEYline.

PURDUE -4 vs. Michigan state
The start of the yearly second half collapse for MSU.

AIR FORCE -2.5 @ Notre Dame
I love watching Notre Dame football. I love watching them fall down. I love watching the chilled snot come out of Charlie Weiss’ nose. America loves Notre Dame, but in reality they really suck, and so does UCLA for losing to them.

NFL games:
BROWNS +10 @ Steelers
The Browns can score. Derek Anderson is a very good quarterback. This rivalry game will be close.

RAMS +12 @ New Orleans
I expect the Rams to cover, but I hope they don’t win. The Saints are my survivor pick this week. They will be rested, healthy, and hungry for their first victory.

SAN DIEGO +3.5 vs. Colts
A loss will not sit well with either team and they both are coming off one. Indy is traveling across the country. I’ll take LT in this one.

49ers +10 @ Seattle
It should be noted that these are two really bad teams. The niners are still trying and match up well with Seattle. They will still lose though. Alex Smith needs to go away. We picked the wrong year to have the number one pick in the draft. Isn’t it great knowing that this year’s first round pick goes to New England! Just what the Patriots need.

2007-2008 Preview

There is so much to say and such a great time is upon us again. B. Anthony is clearly still trying to hit his stride, but is sure that he and Money will bring joy, humor, and victory to your 2008 NCAA tournament experience. Please read and Enjoy.

I will list my favorite 16 teams. They will all make some noise this year, and yes, Memphis will look like UNLV circa 1992-93 during most of this year.

# 1 seeds for the NCAA tournament

South- Memphis: They will have a smooth shooting Chris Douglas-Roberts quietly filling the stat sheet with the forgotten mid-range game. But he is just one of many talents. Derrick Rose will make everyone better, he will block shots (2.1 a game) amazing for a pt. guard, he will get steals, (another 3 a game), and then there will be the several triple doubles he will post. He will get a very serious look at Player of the year with numbers something like 16.5 ppg, 8.7 rpg, 7.9 apg. Remember this is not the NBA, these will be gaudy #'s for a college 40 minute game! Highlight of the year "Send it in Joey" down comes the rim or the entire backboard!

East- North Carolina: They will be solid in a watered-down ACC. I don't like Hansborough, but he will get it done. Chances are good he is improved, and he was good last year. Ty Lawson is the quickest player in the land, and this makes a huge difference!

West- Washington State- Yes, the Cougars, and not the type the Conor F. is usually looking for in one of Corvey's swanking night spots! This team will simply win. They will win the best conference in the country, and it may not even be close. Defense Travels very well. They will be 14-4 which is a gaudy Pac-10 record. They will earn a #1 seed and deserve it. I don't think that will carry them to the final four, but they will get the top seed!

Midwest- This is a tough group, and the easy answer will be Kansas, but I am going to throw in a "money" pick and give you Kansas St! They have a schedule that won't challenge them very much all the way into the league. That will move them into the top 15 as everyone else has some early season losses. They will then battle through the Big 12, and when they shock the JayHawks to win the league, they will be the highest ranked school in the Midwest, about #6 and they will get the nod. Michael Beasley will put up Durant like numbers and Bill Walker will stay healthy and have a plethora of highlight dunks! The best of the rest in the Midwest will include some good teams!

Best of the Rest:

South- Tennessee, I hate this coach, but he doesn't play. Lofton will score a lot, the defense is good, and they hit the o-boards like Bruce Pearl hits on women who aren't his wife! (sweet Sixteen loss)
Louisville- I do like the big man Caracter, and I've known Padgett since he was 17, which by the way, was like 8 years ago. The kid has had injuries, transfers, etc., but he is very solid and fundamental. The guards can go, and Pitino can coach. With all that being said, the intensity is just too much for these Kids. Caracter will screw up and not live up to Pitino's rules, Padgett may get hurt again, and the 11 man rotation will scare the guards into 34% shooting as they look over their shoulder at the next wing at the scorers table checking in. This team will make it to the sweet Sixteen but will also bow out there.
VCU- I am guessing they are in the South as well! Another run to the Sweet Sixteen for this little darling! They can handle the rock, play with no fear, and guard play goes a long way. Eric Maynor will carry this team and he has 2 other starters back. The women in the South love these ballers, and nothing says great season like a lot of pre-game nookie! ( Not to mention how angry the Fathers of these Southern Belles will be!) Coach Grant has some good Freshman coming in, and beating Duke is always great for recruiting and high praise from B. Anthony. This team will duplicate last years 28 wins and may get 30 as they attempt to crack the Elite 8!!!!!!!

East- I hate to say this, but Duke. This team has quite of bit of experience back, and I really like the freshman Singler and the sophomore Gerald Henderson Jr. He can flat out score, jump, and he is not afraid to foul hard! They will be second fiddle all year to UNC, but they will be good.
Marquette- A team returning a lot of good players and a lot of confidence. This alone will lead them to a good record and probably a top 4 seed. Dominic James will stay healthy and put up some Gaudy #'s.
Villanova- Not sure why, but this team will just win a lot of games. Reynolds is one year older, and they seem to constantly compete at a high level. Give some of the credit to Coach Jay Wright!
While we are talking coaches, let's include West Virginia as a shocker team. They will follow the lead of their coach and fight their way into the tournament, and I don't want to be the team that plays them in the first round!

West- The west is loaded with Talent!
UCLA- This is just a superbly built team. Guard play, hustlers and wings, and solid hyped up Kevin Love. But it won't work again. Expectations are too high, the target on their back is too big, and Aaron Afflalo is not there to take all the big shots! They will not make 3 final fours in a row.
USC- Tim Floyd can simply cheat his way into the final rounds of this tournament. Oops, I meant to say coach. How is it that this team all of a sudden has NBA talent galore, and two other NBA players left last year!? Doesn't matter, talent wins, and this team will win, and they will make a deep run into the tournament. OJ Mayo will get a lot of bad press, but he can simply out muscle guys and score points near the bucket. They will also win a lot of games and show well for a loaded Pac-10.
Gonzaga- I just can't pass on this team or on the fun of Shrooms! I mean who didn't like a little enhanced senses when you were in the cold boring Northwest! They will simply win games, 30 again this year. They will make some noise, but may bow out right around the sweet sixteen. They do have a new JC transfer that looks like Hershel Walker. #50 Ira Brown G 6-4 235 Jr. Conroe,TX I am expecting some extremely scared SCU guards!

I am going to add Texas because I love DJ Augustine, and they continue to bring in solid recruiting class. They think they are in the west, and at least Austin is a western thinking city!

(By the way, Arizona will be a major disappointment and will lose at Oregon St, inexplicably, again!) Lute is not well, and his team will suffer!

Midwest- Indiana- Eric Gordon and DJ White are enough to make this team great. The phone bill for Coach will be even bigger. I see this team winning the Big Ten, but the league is tough and all the road losses won't have them high enough. They will make a deep run in the tournament and the Elite 8 is a realistic achievement.
Michigan State- Experience, Experience, and guard play. I used to not like Neitzel, but what can you say about the kid? He is good, he scores, and it seems like he has been there for ever! This team will be another sweet sixteen visitor!
Kansas- Extremely talented, and great for this forum! They will cover some huge spreads this year, and will win a lot of games, probably 27! However, everyone gets so damn excited to beat them, so watch out for another unfortunate exit. We will, however, frequently write about their performance.
Southern Illinois- I can never leave off the Salukis! Just too much defensive intensity! This is what you call "Hustleberg"

Well, I hope this gives you some joy, and expect these will be teams we will wager on throughout the year. There is a lot of college games tonight, and I soon as some new lines come out, we will see if we can kick off the weekend by building a kitty!

B. Anthony

If you are still reading: There is so much out there, it was very difficult to limit.

5* Picks
Kansas State -22
Air Force -13½

4* picks
E CENTRAL OKLAHO +15 (another anti USF bet, they can't beat anyone by 15)
Kansas -26

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Money’s NCAA Basketball predictions: The Break-up

I suppose the writing has been on the wall for some time. Money continues to buy into Kansas year after year and touts their senior leaders, loves their freshmen, and embraces their coach. Money even went as far as getting a small KU Jayhawk tattoo on his right ankle. But enough is enough. It is over. One of our frequent readers, Double Down, has been telling me for years to dump this pig. While I will still include them amongst the teams to make the sweet 16, they won’t be in the final four or competing for a national title this year.

Who will? My pick to win it all this year is LOUISVILLE. They return four starters from last year’s team that went 24-10 and put the fear of God into Texas A&M. This could quite possibly be Rick Pitino’s best college basketball team. They have great players and depth at every position. Edgar Sosa will lead this team and put some of his freshman mistakes behind him. They have two future NBA prospects in Earl Clark and Derrick Caracter. Terrence Williams, a returning starter, is a preseason player of the year candidate in the Big East. Don’t forget about the big guys, Juan Palacios and David Padgett. This team is loaded and is primed to be cutting down the nets in April.

Louisville will play UCLA, who will now be known as the Buffalo Bills of NCAA Basketball. We all know about the Bruins and their hard-nosed defensive minded players led by Ben Howland. This team is made up of great players, who don’t quit and play great defense; Darren Collison, Josh Shipp, Luc Mbah a Moute. This year, they continue to improve with the addition of Kevin Love, one of the best passing big men in the country, but it is still not enough.

Rounding out my last two spots in the Final Four will Memphis (B Anthony will appreciate this) and Tennessee (B Anthony will hate this). Memphis will get some early season tests and then coast through their division (again). Depth will not be a problem for this team, just playing time. Their core is strong, starting with Joey Dorsey. The guards will be running all over the floor heaving up threes while they will introduce two highly regarded signees, point guard Derrick Rose and guard Jeff Robinson to their run and gun style. Tennessee, will meet them in San Antonio with the same frenzied pace led by sharp shooter Chris Lofton and the Smith Twins (We’re not really twins) Ramar, JaJuan, and Tyler.

Final 4 (AP preseason rankings in parenthesis)

1- Louisville (6)
2 –UCLA (2)
3 – Memphis (3)
4 – Tennessee (7)

Great 8

5 – North Carolina (1)
6- Gonzaga (14)
7 – Kansas (4)
8 – Michigan state (8)

Sweet 16

9- Arizona (17)
10- Florida (not ranked)
11- Arkansas (19)
12 – Davidson (not ranked)
13- Villanova (not ranked)
14 – Marquette (11)
15 – Syracuse (not ranked)
16 – UConn (not ranked)

That’s right; No Duke (13), Kentucky (20), Texas (15), Georgetown (4), Washington state (10) or Indiana (9).

College Hoops

Let's just start making picks!!! B. Anthony has been tracking early season, and sorry to say I let you down yesterday by not posting Boston as the game of the year. Denver spent the night before in New York, played a close game, and then closed Scores at 4am before heading to Boston the next morning. There is a reason they were down 39 at half time. I won't let these slip by again.

College games begin in earnest the next two days. We do have one major mismatch tonight.

Oklahoma -16.5 at home vs USF. Take the Sooners to the bank, and you can probably play them in the 1st half as well. This Don team sucks and is losing players to ineligibility and just plain stupidity at an alarming rate. This is a 4* lock!

In the NBA, just to keep you busy you can count on the Warriors continuing their slide!

Take the Mavs -7.5. This is not the same warrior team yet. Baron will do his best for a while, but he doesn't have enough help..........Period......................

B. Anthony

I will be back tomorrow with a full NCAA line up!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

College Hoops is Here

B. Anthony will try to leave out all the hyperbole of Dick Vitale, but this is an exciting week, with many top teams playing Friday night!

This will be a brief introduction with more to follow:

Memphis will be my horse this year, and they may flirt with an undefeated season. Derrick Rose is already one of the top 3 players in college basketball, and he will lead the way. The best thing about this team is that they can actually dance, so when they are on CBS April 2nd, they won't look like a bunch of freshman at their first homecoming dance!!!!!!!

This will be another great year for the Freshman.

Michael Beasley will own the Big 12
Eric Gordon will own the Big 10
OJ Majo and Kevin Love will fight over the Pac 10, but Washington State will win the league with their consistency.

Biggest disappointment of the year will be Georgetown. Jeff Green was everything for them. Hibbert is huge but 7-2 only can do som much when he doesn't handle the ball!

Kanas and North Carolina will have some impressive runs, but they both have so much talent, it will get in their way.

Look for UCLA to not make it back to the Final Four, that is just too tough to do it 3 years in a row.

VCU will do another dirty number on their league and will get to the sweet 16 again, along with Southern Illinois.

Much, much more to follow about college hoops, as well as some in depth B. Anthony information.

If you can find a Memphis line, play them tonight.

Go against Kentucky at -28 points tonight, just too many.

B. Anthony