Friday, November 03, 2006

The Worry-ors: Breaking down the NBA season

We all acknowledge that Money is a college hoops expert. This is a proven fact. Rose petals are thrown at his feet as he walks around town during the months of November-March. So some of this vast knowledge of the college game and players must rub off on the NBA game, right?

Reluctantly, yes. The NBA games and season bore me. With that here are my thoughts on the upcoming season, with an eye on our local team, the Warriors.

There is a scent of optimism in the East bay with Don Nelson returning to the Warriors as the head coach. I’m not seeing it though. In 2004-05 the Warriors were 34-48. Their roster included names such as B Davis, J Richardson, T Murphy, M Dunleavy, M Pietrus and D Fisher. The Warriors 2005-06 season ended with the same record, 34-48. Their roster remained the same, but they picked up rookies, Diogu and Ellis. This year they no longer have their most consistent shooter, Derek Fisher, their rookies are now sophomores, and they have a new coach; Don Nelson.

And the fans are going nuts. Run TMC all over again? Not a chance. Nellie can’t shoot. He can barely walk now. Montgomery was a new coach in the NBA and probably cost the Warriors a couple of games by not knowing the flow and rules of the game. Nellie will win those close games, so I give him 3 more wins. Monte Ellis will play a big role in the Warriors season this year, and I give his improved play 2 games. Dejuan Wagner, the number 6 pick in the 2002 NBA draft, is good for one more win. All of this assumes that everyone stays healthy, which they won’t. Subtract 3 wins.

Warriors 2006-07 record: 37 – 45 and no playoffs. The Warriors fans are soft, forgiving and faithful (stupid). They should call for Mullin’s head, who really has done nothing, but they won’t. They will keep purchasing the season tickets and rooting for their pathetic team.

NBA finals: Suns over the Nets
MVP: Chris Paul

Post your comments on the upcoming NBA season below.

By the way, I hate hockey.

College picks:

WISCONSIN -6.5 vs. Penn state
I love the stinking badgers. They win comfortably.

WASHINGTON +16.5 @ Oregon
The ducks give up a lot of points and the huskies play better on the road than they do at home.

WAKE FOREST +4 vs. Boston College
I don’t need the points, but I will take them anyway. Wake Forest wins outright.

NC STATE +5.5 vs. Georgia Tech
NC state plays tough against the good teams and rolls over for the poor ones. They will step up for this one.

NFL picks:

LIONS +6 vs. Falcons
Impossible pick considering how well Vick is playing? Perfect spot for a letdown for an overachieving team like the Falcons.

RAMS -3 vs. Chiefs
Pssst. The chiefs suck. Don’t tell anyone though.

49ERS +5.5 vs. Vikings
The niners have not given up yet, although they should. They will still be able to compete with the Vikings at home on short rest after the Monday night game.

STEELERS -2.5 vs. Broncos
The steelers have to pull it together at some point, don’t they?

PATRIOTS -3 vs. Colts
You have to take a stance on this great game. Tough to bet against Peyton, but even tougher to bet against Brady at home.