Monday, April 19, 2010

Money’s MLB predictions for 2010

The college basketball season has ended and the Buzz/Hangover has finally subsided. Lucky for Money, MLB follows March Madness to soften the blow. I really love Baseball and reading the box scores each morning, so does my son. In fact, the whole family seems to be getting into it, even Miss Money Penny.
Let’s put something on paper so that I can look back and see how much of an idiot I am.

AL East: Yankees
I know, this is not much of a pick. But how can you choose someone else? They are entertaining and have paid for the best talent. I am not rooting for them, but I think they win the division.

AL Central: White Sox
Money and Obama! I like their offense led by young stud Gordon Beckham at 2B. Their pitching is underrated but very good.

AL West: Angels
As long as Mike Scioscia is managing this team, I am buying them. They lost talent everywhere but this division can be had with 85 wins, which they will obtain.

Wildcard: Rays
I love this team. Longoria, Upton, Crawford, Pena. The list goes on and this is just their offense. Price, Shields and Davis will be anchors for them in the rotation. No weaknesses.

NL East: Phillies
Again, another easy pick. American league style offense from top to bottom with the best pitcher in baseball leading the rotation.

NL Central: Cardinals
Pujols, Wainwright and Carpenter will prove to be too tough for this mediocre league.

NL West: Rockies
Speaking of mediocre, what do we call this league? The Dodgers will be bad. Their pitching, aside from Kershaw, is awful. The big showdown will be Manny vs. the owner (McCourt). First one to blow up wins. The Rockies have two great pitchers who have figured out Coors Field in DeLaRosa and Jimenez and a very fast, powerful and entertaining lineup.
The Giants will be competitive and improve on their 88-74 record from last year. This year they go 95-67 but fall just short of the Rockies. The pitching, Panda and Eugenio Velez carries them this year.

Wildcard: Braves
Very good overall team with the best young player in baseball, maybe ever, in Jason Heyward. If Billy Wagner keeps his arm attached to his shoulder, they get to the World Series.

World Series: Rays over the Braves in a game pitting both Wildcard teams against each other.

NL MVP: Albert Pujols – Ryan Braun is second.
AL MVP: Evan Longoria
NL CY Young: Doc Holliday
AL CY Young: Jon Lester
NL ROY: Jason Heyward
AL ROY: Brian Matusz (Orioles pitcher)
Breakout seasons for the following:
Offense -Jay Bruce, Colby Rasmus, Ian Stewart, Gordon Beckham, Carlos Gonzalez, Chase Headley
Pitching – Ricky Nolasco, David Price, Tommy Hanson, Matt Garza

Enjoy the season!