Thursday, January 22, 2009

Predictable Unpredictability

College hoops, this why we love it. I picked Louisville as the team to take a rest last night. I missed it, but two other great teams did. Wake was just not ready for the pressure of #1, but they will be better because of this loss. (See Jeff Teague's comments) By the way, he is Iversonesque!

Northwestern made at least 5 30 footers last night, so they earned the upset of Michigan St.

Today's Picks

Georgetown -5 vs West Virginia. Bounce back at home, they defend and shoot free throws down the stretch to cover this pretty handily.

Cal -18.5 vs Oregon St. Bears will light it up at home, and Beavers missed at least 2 practices this week while coach was in DC, they are not ready to stay in this game.

Temple -11.5 vs St. Louis. Majerus can coach, if he has players. He doesn't have them at St. Louis, and Temple is improving rapidly. They will contend in the Atlantic 10 tourney and will dance in March.

UCLA -5 vs Washington St. Ugly game, but UCLA won't lose two in a row in league. Better athletes and shooters at every position. Another Bounce Back game. (Actually all four of these teams are coming off losses.)

Wisconsin Green Bay +9.5 vs Butler. 1st and 2nd place teams in Horizon league. This will be single digits!

Good Luck,

B. Anthony

58-44 ytd

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hump Day

B Anthony is starting to think that these super leagues are too much. If you don't play a home and away game against every team in your league, how can you really determine a true regular season champ?

NC State gave a Duke a battle for 20 minutes last night. I am sure they can't wait to get them at home! Oops, they don't get that chance. There are so many occurrences like this in the ACC and Big East, it is a joke.

They should make these two Super Leagues into 3 great leagues. Probably more bids, more rivalries, more revenue, and more gaming opportunities!!!

These 6 teams listed below have the best chance to go to the final four. Not the best teams right now, but most complete, and most likely to gel for 4 wins in a row to get to the final 4.

North Carolina
Michigan State
Wake Forest

I know, big surprise, these are all top 10 teams, but balance is going to be the key this year. Oklahoma doesn't have enough of it to win 4 straight. Gonzaga is too streaky. Duke just doesn't have the big man and boards to do it, but I like them more than any Duke team in recent memory. I can almost guarantee they will lose to one of these teams in the Elite 8 round!

No one else can make the run.

Winner's today.

Arizona St -2.5 vs Arizona. Best player on the court rule!

Rutgers +10 vs Louisville. Let down game. Louisville has not found it's true stride yet. Pitino is still mf'ing his team daily. He will start building confidence in February. They will win big East Tourney in March and be a #1 seed, but not yet!

Villanova +9 vs Uconn. Too many points.

Florida St. +7 vs Miami Florida. Rivalry, at least in football. Will stay close.

Hofstra -5 vs William and Mary. (need to have one random pick in their. W&M always loses by 7 or more!!

Good Luck

B. Anthony

54-43 ytd