Friday, November 16, 2007

Don’t get caught looking ahead

As witnessed last night by Oregon and predicted by Money, upsets are happening all across the country. And it is not going to stop this weekend either. I think we all forget that these are 19 year old kids that we are wagering our hard earned money on. They are young and will make mistakes.

NEVADA +7.5 vs. Hawaii
Hawaii has never beaten Nevada in Reno, and the Wolf Pack lost by only seven points last year at Aloha Stadium. Colt 45 is hurt too and is a game time decision.

OHIO STATE -4 @ Michigan
This is a rivalry game that OSU always wins. The tradition lives on. Hart and Henne are banged up. Carr will be fired for never winning this game or a bowl game.

WASHINGTON +7.5 vs. Cal
I don’t care if Locker (their QB) plays or not. Cal will be lucky to win this game. It certainly won’t be more than a TD.

NOTRE DAME -6 vs. Duke
The golden domers are bad. Duke is worse. ND still plays hard and will want to win their last game at home. Reluctantly I predict a blowout.

KANSAS STATE +7.5 vs. Missouri
Look ahead game. Mizzu can’t wait for the big showdown against Kansas

KENTUCKY +7.5 vs. Georgia
Georgia will suffer a letdown after the Auburn blowout. Kentucky will keep this game close.

TEXANS pick’em vs. saints
Schaub and Andre Johnson are ready to go and will win this game.

JAGUARS -3 vs. chargers
SD sucks

REDSKINS +10.5 @ cowboys
This game will be closer than you think

These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

B. Anthony knows that his love affairs for some teams can periodically get him in trouble, however, there is a reason these teams are favorites. ............ They win and cover often!!!

Memphis -9 vs UConn- Oklahoma was a better, more disciplined team than Uconn. They lost by ten, and Memphis didn't shoot the ball at all. This will be a track meet at times, with at least 12 blocked shots, but one big spurt will make this a double digit game for a good portion of the 2nd half. 89-72 Memphis!

VCU +3 vs Miami Fla- This game just means more to VCU and they know how to win. Miami is a very talented team, coming off a 20 loss season. There is a reason they lost 20 games, they don't know how to win close games! Take the Rams!

Appalachian State -7 vs San Jose St- This is a good athletic team that will just be too much for San Jose State. They cannot afford to lose to any team that is not from a Major conference. They will make a run at the tourney, but this time of year is very important to them. This line is off at least 5 points because SJSU won last night. Oh, by the way they shot over 62% to win by 1 point against Middle Tennessee. If they only shoot 50% tonight, they lose by double digits. Mountaineers will climb all over the Spartans!

B. Anthony needs to respect some of his Superman followers, so we will add one more game.
We call this the Blowout special. You should be familiar with this game, as Memphis has been and will be featured in this game in most of their league games!
Texas -25 vs UCDavis- Enough said! This Texas team could be better than last year according to some experts! Davis, not so much!
Year to date: 12-9

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oregon will quack under pressure

I hate to say it, and no, this is not bitterness coming from me that my Cal Bears are pathetic (I accepted that fact a long time ago), but Oregon is in for a big fall. I am not drinking the Oregon ducks kool-aid. Oregon, which is ranked #2 in the BCS “controls their own destiny.” That is unless Kansas, Oklahoma or Missouri runs the table from here on out. They will jump over the Ducks by beating two top 5 BCS teams while Oregon will have only beaten lowly teams such as Arizona, UCLA and Oregon state.

Even knowing that Oregon is the master of their domain or controlled their destiny or whatever, Money predicts that Oregon will lose two of their last three games. Who cares? Well, the first loss comes tonite when they play at Arizona, a team that returns 19 starters from last year. The same team that beat Oregon last year in Autzen stadium 37-10.

I think the only fight left in this team is with their mascot.

Take the points.

Take the MONEYline.
ARIZONA +12 vs. Oregon

Return of the Powerhouse

B. Anthony is not going to run and hide. Some of you were able to find his plays from last night that were posted in the comments section, and the results were not pretty. So the season total that was looking good at 9-4 is now back to a treading water 9-8 including the TV game.

But, onward and upward. Two of my favorite teams are playing today. One has already started, and if anyone knows how this is possible, let me know? VCU is at halftime and it is only 7:30 am PST. Are they playing University of Houston in Europe! But Memphis is playing as well, and I imagine this could be a statement game. Joey Dorsey is back so I will ride the Tigers!

Memphis -8.5 vs Oklahoma. See Joey Dorsey Dominate the paint, while the guards run wild! Derrick Rose will make his mark in a major television debut, and Douglas-Roberts just scores!

Gardner-Webb +13.5 vs UConn- I don't like UConn and they consistently play close games. Additionally they are playing a team with a lot of confidence. Not sure why this line is double digits, but I can't help but take the points.

Appalachian State -8 vs Lipscomb. This team competed well on opening night on the road. This is a home game where the better athletes will prevail early and often. I am not shying away from this team just yet!
Another game to watch that I will give a seal of approval!

Michigan +14.5 vs Georgetown. I don't think the Hoyas will live up to the hype of the last few years, as I have stated in the Preview. Also, Michigan does have a great new coach who has some experience with Roy Hibbert. I may be talking myself into this one as I write.

Enjoy the night, as MSG will have two good games and ESPN will cover them, and just to boot I have picked them both.

B. Anthony

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Keep the Dream Alive

College hoops is all about staying up to date on current trends, and B. Anthony believes the only way to do this is to play every day!

YTD: 6-4.

We will try to limit to 3 plays a day, but some days will just find me overly excited.

Washington State -8.5 at Boise. Defense travels well, they win by double digits!

Montana St -8 vs Long Beach State. The 9er's have not recovered from the 40 point loss to Tennessee last year. BYU beat them by 25+ last night. This is a young team, new coach, not ready yet!

Oral Roberts +15.5 vs Texas A&M. This is a good A&M team, but no Acie Law hurts and it will take them a while to adjust. Caleb Green is no longer playing for Oral Roberts, but this team is disciplined and has God on their side!!!!!!

Good Luck,

B. Anthony

Monday, November 12, 2007

NCAA Hoops, The Real Deal

B. Anthony is so glad to have a real sport available just about everyday. The short venture into the NBA makes me remember that this game is solely about entertainment. However, keep your eyes out for a rested Celtics team. If they ever have 2 days off between games, they will cover. It will be fun to watch this team, if no injuries occur.

Now to college hoops. The 5 * locks were a good start, and I will do a better job posting the opponent as some people may fear my picks when I only list the pick. Michael Beasley is as good as advertised. It was very disappointing to see ESPN bottom line listing OJ Majo's 32 point performance, and not mentioning that USC lost to Mercer!!!!

Tonight their are some games to be had out there, and I will go out on a limb and pick some teams I generally don't like, and also some pretty obscure teams.

4* plays

Duke -17 vs New Mexico St.- Simply a mismatch, Duke is playing with a lot of confidence, and they like to cover when the can. Singler will get 25 and Henderson will get 24. Big win 102-76. This line has been moving, but anything under 18.5 is a good play.

Appalachian State +2.5 vs NC Charlotte. To most of you this would seem like a mismatch but App. State is not just a good football school. They should have been dancing last year, and will likely dance this year. This is a classic trap game, the average player thinks UNC Charlotte at home wins this game every time, why is the line so low. The reason is, APP State is a better team. They will win outright, maybe by double digits!

3* Plays

Oregon -16 vs Western Michigan. Oregon is very good at blowing teams out in the early season. The Pac-10 is loaded and this preseason will prove it. Get on the Pac 10 before lines start to really move.
Wisconsin Green Bay +15.5 vs Ohio State- Buckeyes are still reeling. They may be down at halftime before they get things going to win by about 10 points. Take Wisconsin Green Bay.

Obscure play of the day!

Arkansas Little Rock +2 vs Loyola Marymount- Sorry WCC you are not doing any favors to your RPI Rankings. Only Gonzaga and St. Mary's are true division one programs. Arkansas Little Rock, home of Derek Fischer, will have some strong guard play that will be too much

Ratings Watch
Play UCLA -28.5 vs Youngstown State. This is too big of a mismatch. I will play against Youngstown State all year. They will lose by 20+ at least 12 times this year. Tonight it will be 102-56. Enjoy.

B. Anthony