Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dont waste your time

College basketball is in full swing, don't let this Congress drama or Money's meanderings disrupt you. I am getting my wife a great night in front of PAC-10 hoops for Valentines day!!! Plus a couple random others.

We all seem to know the PAC 10 and play it weekly, so I will try to find some others. I do agree with the Cal Pick and the WSU pick of Money. So I will post these along with Stanford and Oregon.

Cal+7.5 vs AZ. Too many points. Anderson is making a run at player of the year, he will have 25+ tonight!

WSU -12 vs Oregon St. Ugly game, but Cougars will win handily.

Oregon -7 vs Washington. Huskies will lay an egg after their big win against UCLA. It alwasy happens.

Stanford -3.5 vs ASU. I have to disagree at least once with Money. Size Matters!

Obscure Winners

Rutgers +18 vs West Virginia. Too many points for an inconsistent WVU team. They have little reason to get up for this one.

UMASS -10 vs Fordham. Minutemen need a series of good wins to make a push for the tourney. They will drill the Rams!

Fullerton St -18.5 vs UC Davis. Bob Burton is merciless when he gets a lead. The West Valley CC legend will punish the Aggies for trying to be a DI program.

Boise St -3 vs Nevada. This is a sucker bet for all the Nevada fans. Boise doesn't have a smurf court for basketball, but they have a solid team and will win at home.

Good Gaming
B. Anthony
YTD 133-102-4


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