Friday, February 26, 2010

No more betting on Pac 10

I am throwing in the towel on the Pac 10. It is the conference I watch the most, yet I know the least about it. I can’t predict any of these teams from game to game. They all have multiple personalities and it is a total guess trying to figure out who is going to show up from game to game.

I keep waiting for Kentucky to fall down during this tough road stretch of games, but they don’t. I am inclined to pick Tennessee at home, but I won’t. Kentucky keeps it rolling

KENTUCKY -2 @ Tennessee

Is anyone going to stop Kansas in the Big 12? Nope. Not even the sweet shooting James Anderson of Oklahoma State.

KANSAS -5 @ Oklahoma State

Sticking with the other number one seed, I think it will be awfully tough to beat Syracuse in the dome. Villanova will have to play perfect basketball, which they have not been doing lately.

SYRACUSE -6 vs. Villanova

The battle for the best teams in the West, and no, this game does not include any Pac 10 teams. BYU vs. New Mexico. I think BYU could be a sneaky play for a great 8 spot, if the brackets fall their way. As such, I am taking them and their home court which is near perfect over the last few years.

BYU -8 vs. New Mexico

Other games of interest;

Gonzaga -17 vs. Usf
Cincinnati +15 @ West Va
Wake Forrest -10 vs. North Carolina
Georgia -1 vs. Florida
Texas A&M pk vs. Texas

Good luck!


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