Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look ahead Thursday

Cal and Arizona State might be playing for the Pac 10 championship on Saturday. On the other hand, they might not. Knowing how inconsistent the Pac 10 has been this year, I put the probability at VERY HIGH that one or both of these schools will lose tonight. This would be so typical of Cal’s season for them to lose this game.

Likely Outcome; Cal playing for a national audience will play inspired, focused, basketball for 34 minutes. In the remaining 6 minutes where they stop defending and launch one footed fade away 3 point jump shots they will find a way to squander their just 20 point lead and beat Arizona by 9 points.

ARIZONA +11.5 @ Cal

However, a case could be made that Stanford is playing the best basketball of anyone in the Pac 10 right now. Landry Fields is the best player in the conference and the cardinal will have the two best players on the court and a rowdy crowd pumping them up. I see an upset tonight in Maples as the Cardinal redeem themselves from their blowout loss earlier in the year.

STANFURD +2.5 vs. Asu

Other Pac 10 games:
U$C -11 vs. Oregon
OREGON STATE +5.5 @ Ucla

Do you hear about Robbie Hummel? Torn ACL, out for the year. That's too bad. Purdue had a nice team, but now can kiss the final four and a possible national championship goodbye.

Good luck!


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