Friday, February 17, 2006

4 Minutes of Hell

Each Friday we will look at the AP top 25 with our eye on the prize, the tournament, and examine who is heading in the right direction and who is not. We will also project our top 4 seeds each week, leading up to the Big Dance.

AP Top 25

1) Uconn – Their loss at Villanova will make them stronger. They are still the best team in the country.
2) Duke – It will take a major meltdown for them the #1 seed to elude them.
3) Memphis – Won’t lose again, and won’t be challenged until the NCAA tournament. They have a #1 seed locked up.
4) Villanova – Curious to see how their fantastic guards stack up against Georgetown’s frontcourt.
5) Gonzaga – No reason to lower their rankings, but they are not the fifth best team in the country.
6) Texas – I don’t know if I can get past their 30 point loss to Duke.
7) George Washington – They are not going away. I still don’t think highly of this team though.
8) Tennessee – A great team like this will go in and beat Alabama in their house.
9) Pittsburgh – A good, but boring team. They will lose to Marquette on Saturday.
10) Florida – Impressive win vs. LSU, at least in my eyes.
11) West Virginia – This is the lucky team that gets to play Uconn after losing.
12) Ohio state – Most teams lose in Wisconsin, so we will forgive them for that loss.
13) Boston College – They have been playing well recently, but they have not been challenged since their loss to Duke.
14) Illinois – The cure for a slumping team? Indiana comes to town!
15) UCLA – Will bounce back from Washington loss with an easy victory over USC.
16) Michigan State – These guys are pissing away their season.
17) Georgetown – The loss to Marquette hurts.
18) Iowa – They looked fantastic in beating MSU at home.
19) Oklahoma – Playing much better, despite the loss to Colorado.
20) Washington – Stringing together a couple of nice wins, with a favorable schedule down the stretch.
21) North Carolina State – I don’t know what to make of this team. I don’t trust any ACC team.
22) Kansas – Young and extremely talented team.
23) North Carolina – Very little expected of this team at the beginning of the year. Playing great now.
24) Bucknell – We have a Patriot league sighting. They beat Kansas in the tournament last year and return the same starting five.
25) LSU – Have you seen Baby Shaq, Glen Davis? He wore #34 last year, but has not switched to #1, as he does not like the comparisons. In fairness to Davis, he is only 6-9, 310 lbs.

The Next team? Indiana State. Not likely to make the tournament, but playing well recently.

Seeds Wash. D.C Atlanta Minneapolis Oakland
1 Duke, Memphis, Uconn, Villanova
2 Iowa, Texas, Tennessee, Gonzaga
3 Florida, Pittsburgh , Ohio State, UCLA
4 George Washington, Illinois , Boston College, Kansas

Comments: I had to put Villanova in as a number 1 seed. Gonzaga slipped out because they barely beat stanford at home. Uconn remains a number 1 seed. Iowa and Ohio State made big impressions on me. I am reluctantly putting George Washington and Boston College in my top 16. I am not going to fight it anymore, but they will exit the tournament early. Beware of the Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, KU!

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