Monday, February 13, 2006

Four Corners

Every Monday-Thursday (and occasional weekend games) renowned college basketball expert, Money will be handicapping the games for you. Picks and thoughts will be posted prior to tip-off, typically by 3:30 pm pst

I must admit that I know very little about the NBA. I know Detroit is doing very well. I know the Warriors are doing better than last year, with Manute Bol finally pulling his weight. I can name almost any player’s college alma matter. But, that’s about it.

So I was surprised at myself when I had such a strong reaction to this loser’s new shoe commercial. Who said this while narrating his new shoe commercial?
“Love me or hate me, it's one or the other. Always has been. Hate my game, my swagger. Hate my fade away, my hunger. Hate that I'm a veteran. A champion. Hate that. Hate it with all your heart. And hate that I'm loved, for the exact same reasons.''

You probably know that this quote comes from Kobe Bryant. What an idiot. I don’t hate him for any of those reasons. I hate him because he is phony. I hate him because from day one he has tried to be Michael Jordan, not Kobe Bryant. I hate him because he is so cocky, that he had to be the man in L.A. as opposed to playing with Shaq together and winning many, many titles. I hate him because he is a loser, and I won’t be buying his shoes. I think I hate the NBA too now.

Money’s trip to the Bank: (Money’s Cash cow to date – 24 wins, 15 losses). The team in ALL CAPS is my pick.

UCONN -3 at Villanova
This will be the lowest point spread for UConn we will see for the remainder of the year.

KANSAS -2.5 at Oklahoma State
I love Kansas right now. Nobody is talking about them, except Money.

NEVADA -9 vs. La Tech
I got burned by this game when they played earlier in the season. But there is an old saying in Nevada that says - fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.

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