Thursday, February 02, 2006

4 Minutes of Hell

Each Thursday we will look at the AP top 25 with our eye on the prize, the tournament, and examine who is heading in the right direction and who is not. We will also project our top 4 seeds each week, leading up to the Big Dance.

AP Top 25

1) Uconn – They are just going to get better.
2) Duke – Relying on too many freshman. This will burn them.
3) Memphis – Won’t lose again until the NCAA tournament. They have a #1 seed locked up.
4) Villanova – Not a dominant team, but a very, very good team.
5) Gonzaga – They won’t lose either, but probably need help to gain a #1 seed. No help necessary in my seedings.
6) Illinois – Strong road win at Wisconsin.
7) Texas – The losses are starting to pile up on this national contending team.
8) Florida – They have company in the SEC now with LSU and Tennessee.
9) Pittsburgh – Quietest top 10 team in the country. I’m buying
10) George Washington – They are not even the best team in Washington D.C.
11) West Virginia – “Slight” hiccup losing at home to Marshall.
12) Michigan state – Here come the wins.
13) Tennessee – This team scares me more than Florida. I get scared pretty easily though.
14) UCLA – Rising in spite of injuries.
15) Boston College – Played Duke tough at home. No victory though.
16) Washington – They should have been kicked out of the top 25 in the manner they lost to Stanford.
17) Georgetown – The best team in Washington D.C.
18) North Carolina state – Barely beat Virginia at home.
19) Oklahoma – Salvaged their season by beating Texas at home. Locked up a tournament bid.
20) Ohio state – These guys will be a tough opponent in the tournament.
21) Michigan – Peaking at the right time. Not buying it.
22)Indiana – Unlike UCLA, not able to overcome the injury bug.
23)Iowa – Tremendous threat. One of the best defensive teams in the country.
24)LSU – Money’s dark horse; Finally cracked the top 25. Now they are overrated. I discovered them though.
25)Northern Iowa – Another member of Money’s fan club. Losing their first game while being ranked will bring them back to obscurity, where they will thrive again.

The Next team? Kansas

Seeds Wash. D.C Atlanta Minneapolis Oakland
1 Duke, Memphis, Uconn, Gonzaga
2 Pittsburgh, Villanova, Illinois, Texas
3 Florida, Michigan St., Tennessee, UCLA
4 Iowa, West Virginia, Georgetown, LSU

Comments: Villanova probably should have replaced Texas as my last #1 seed, but Gonzaga will win their division and their conference tournament, and Villanova won’t. Plus, I want to keep a west coast team on the west coast. I expect to keep lowering Florida as time goes on. I think the 4’s are solid, with West Virginia being the likeliest to leave the dance early. Who did I miss? George Washington is a fraud and I am not ready to commit to Boston College.


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