Thursday, February 09, 2006

Four Corners

Every Monday-Thursday (and occasional weekend games) renowned college basketball expert, Money will be handicapping the games for you. Picks and thoughts will be posted prior to tip-off, typically by 3:30 pm pst.

Who is your pick for National player of the year? Most experts seem to believe it is a two-man race between Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick. I concur. But how is this race going to be decided? They both are leading the nation in scoring average at 28.4 ppg. How about whoever wins the scoring title? That sounds too easy and individualistic. Perhaps the award should be handed out to the player whose team goes the furthest in the NCAA tournament? How about the first guy to play defense?

There is no doubt they are both tremendously talented players who know how to score (Morrison) and shoot (Redick). With their uncanny ability to make baskets, they will find a spot on an NBA roster. They both have their flaws, mainly on the defensive side. Redick is small and will be posted up by bigger guards or beat off the dribble with the quicker players. Morrison simply does not play defense.

Both players are extremely vital to their team’s long term success. If either one of these guys has a bad game, or is shut down by the other team’s defensive stopper, their team will lose the game. They are both the heart and soul of each team and will take them as far as the opposing team’s allow them to.

I believe both Duke and Gonzaga will play a team that is capable of taking each star out of the game, which will ultimately close both team’s season short. In that case, we still might have a decision on our hands about who is the best player. I say give it to the player with the neatly trimmed moustache and the colorful tube socks. I take Morrison by a hair.

Money’s trip to the Bank: (Money’s Cash cow to date – 19 wins, 14 losses). The team in ALL CAPS is my pick.

UCLA -1.5 @ Washington State
The Bruins are too focused to lose a game like this on the road.

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