Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Four Corners

Every Monday-Thursday (and occasional weekend games) renowned college basketball expert, Money will be handicapping the games for you. Picks and thoughts will be posted prior to tip-off, typically by 3:30 pm pst

As I watched the Gonzaga defeat Stanford 80-76 on Saturday night, one thing became clear to me. Gonzaga, the #5 team in the country, is not going to make it very far in the NCAA tournament; sweet 16 at best. If they have that much trouble at the Kennel with Stanford, a mediocre team in the Pac 10 who won’t make the NCAA tournament, winning 2, 3, even 4 games on a neutral court will be damn near impossible.

First of all, they do not defend. If you do not defend, you will lose, simple as that. This is not something they will be able to fix in the next month. Secondly, Stanford had no answer for Adam Morrison. It was expected that he would get his 30 points, because this is something that Stanford lacks, a lock-down defender. Most good teams will have one or two of these defenders, and while they may not be able to stop Morrison, they might be able to limit him. This will in turn force Gonzaga to beat you with their other players, which will render their season over at the sweet 16.

I would love to be wrong on this point, as I really enjoy watching Morrison and the longer he plays, the better Money’s tournament experience will be.

Money’s trip to the Bank: (Money’s Cash cow to date – 25 wins, 17 losses). The team in ALL CAPS is my pick.

ALABAMA +5.5 at South Carolina
The tide is quietly rolling along.

INDIANA STATE +9 vs. No Iowa
I don’t expect an upset, but I do think Northern Iowa will look past this game.

MARYLAND +1.5 at Clemson
If there is such a thing as a “must win” game in February, this is it.

IOWA -3 vs. Michigan state
Michigan state will be fired up for this game after losing their lead at Minnesota. It won’t matter.

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