Thursday, January 29, 2009

west Coas

after 2-3 a few times in a row, B. Anthony is due to go 4-0. Feel pretty strong on these.

St. Mary's +9 at Gonzaga. Too much at stake for this to be a blow-out.

Cal +9.5 at UCLA. Bruins aren't beating good teams by double digits.

Cleveland St -16.5 vs Detroit. Cleveland state needs a home blow-out!

Virginia Tech -1 vs Clemson. Clemson road woes will be exposed.

62-50 ytd.

B. Anthony


Anonymous Hawk said...

Friday Night Lights!!!
These are my picks in order of confidence:
Yale +1 at Columbia
Brown +14 at Cornell
Princeton -2 at Dart
Harvard -5 vs. Penn

11:18 AM  

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